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Customers come in and say they saw our YouTube videos, or found our ratings on Yelp. "We found you on the internet. You're on the first page of Google. What are you guys doing? I'm searching on the internet and your name just keeps coming up."

Lloyd Bumstead, 4th generation owner of Bumsteads Bicycles in Ontario CA

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Since working with Randy, my Google Places page rocks! Business has picked up, many clients are mentioning my reviews, and I am having to refer clients out to colleagues...

Jeff Mathias, West Des Moines Attorney

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Having worked with Randy for almost 30 years as his partner in several business enterprises, I can say without hesitation that his marketing skills know no bounds. During our years together he has created one successful product after another. In the course of developing these products he has created packaging, designed marketing plans, hired and fired sales people and/or reps, and produced the concepts for all forms of advertising to promote them.

Terry Brown
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My business dealings with Randy grew along with my business as I added new stores. Randy consistently demonstrated the highest level of integrity...

Alan Goldsmith, Founder of Bikecology and SuperGo

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I am happy to recommend Randy Kirk to any small business who could use more traffic or would like to sell more product or services to each client that visits. His enthusiasm is infectious, his creativity is boundless, and his knowledge of marketing is deep and on target....

Matt Ford, Rock N Road Cyclery in Orange County CA

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Principles of Bicycle Retailing for the Internet Age

A New Kind of Bicycle Retail Profitability Book for A Completely New Bicycle Retail Environment

Printed version backed by online worksheets, pictures, videos, examples and more
Continuous updates free for 6 months in members only portal and through emails
  • You Tube Tutorials on sales, sales management and more
  • Webinars for training management and staff
  • Guest contributions from experts in key areas
The book is now available on through this website or you can purchase the book through the NBDA or J & B Importers.

What You Will Learn About Marketing

  • How to create YouTube Videos that will drive traffic to your store
  • How to get great rankings and reviews on Google Places, Yelp, Bing, and more
  • How to get relevant, local followers on Twitter, and likes on Facebook
  • How to develop rides, clinics, clubs and events and dramatically increase participation
  • How to increase traffic to your website and get your website to create traffic in your store
  • How signs inside and outside make a difference
  • How to create an email list and send out delightful email newsletters to your customers
  • How to increase traffic, sales and profits starting tomorrow

What You Will Learn About Sales and Sales Management

  • How to increase your closing ratio to 90%
  • How to motivate your sales people
  • How to increase the items per ticket on every sale of a bike, product, or service
  • How to shorten the time it takes to sell a bike
  • How to open the sales conversation
  • How to close
  • The number one key to success in selling

What You Will Learn About Profits

  • The fundamentals of reading and using your profit and loss statement
  • The effects of discounting on your take home
  • Making money on purchasing
  • How to combat shrinkage from theft, obsolescence, and mismanagement of inventory
  • When to take the loss on a product

What You Will Learn About Yourself

  • A personal inventory of strengths, weakness, and why you should or shouldn't care
  • What are your goals now?!
  • What are your goals for your business?
  • Are your personal goals and business goals in conflict?
  • How to take your goals and turn them into actionable strategic steps