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Table of Contents

Introduction It All Started in Texas

Seven Reasons Why Bicycle Shops Succeed

Goals Create Action

Introduction to Marketing - Online and Off

Sales 1A For Bicycle Dealers - 21st Century Edition

Advanced Sales Techniques

Twenty-Five Ways to Sell More Tomorrow

Personnel Management Isn’t for Cowards

Employee Motivation

Introduction to Web Presence - and Glossary of Internet Terms

How Do Search Engines Work

Where on the Web Do You Need to be Found

How To Determine Your Key Words and Phrases

Building the Perfect Website for SEO and Client Conversion

What Are Local Search Engines, Directories, IYP’s? What Matters?

How to Set Up Local Search Engines

Google Places - The Listing that Can Make You or Break You

Google Places - How to Claim Your Listing

Google Places - How to Optimize Your Google Places Listing

Google Places - Ranking High on both Google Places and Blended Searches

Is Anybody Finding You On Google Places - Understanding the Analytics

Google Places - Final Thoughts

Micro Search Engines and Industry Directories

Mobile Search Engines for Smart Phones and Ipads

Online Reviews and Reputation Management

YouTube is the Foundation of Social Media Marketing (SMM)

YouTube Videos - Why and How To Create Shop VIdeos

How To Write and Optimize a Blog Post on Blogger

Facebook Pages - How To Create and Effective Presence and Why

Facebook Advertising - Rifle Shot Marketing

Twitter - How to Set Twitter Up and Why Tweet

Twitter - How to Get Relevant Followers

Twitter - How to Tweet

Multiple Online Channels - Should I have two blogs, FB Pages, Websites?

The Goal of Online Marketing - EMail is the Killer APP

Texting Your Clients - The Coming Revolution Is Already Here

Amazing Customer Service and the Ultimate Question


Traditional PR - Almost Free and Still Works

Online PR - The Secret Weapon

Rides, Clubs, Sponsorships, and Clinics

Using Meetup.com to Promote Rides, Clubs, Clinics and Events

The Groupon Coupon Era

What is Changing on the Internet and Search that Will Effect My Business

Store Signage, Interior Layout, and Design

You're Never to Old to Create a Business Plan

Bike Shop Profitability

The Power of Purchasing


Appendix - Book List