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Randy Kirk came to me at a time when we really needed some help. Business was bad and we were worried we might go out of business. We took a leap of faith in what Randy said he could do for our business. The best thing I ever did.

A lot of you may have dabbled with web designers, IT guys and people who say they can help you on the internet, and what you probably found was that they promise big and bring back very little. Randy is the opposite of all that. He is the consummate business man. He will return your phone calls. He will email you more than you want to be emailed. You won't even be able to respond to him because after hiring him your shop will be too busy. I say that jokingly, but I'm too busy to answer his emails anymore, and I love it.

Customers come in and say they saw our YouTube videos, or found our ratings on Yelp. "We found you on the internet. You're on the first page of Google. What are you guys doing? I'm searching on the internet and your name just keeps coming up."

He's constantly searching for the new thing on the Internet. The internet is this constantly changing information...whatever you want to call it, and I don't have time to keep up with it. Randy keeps up on it for us. He keeps us in the know so that we always look like we are in the know. If you have customers that you want to impress with how well you do on the internet, hire Randy.

He is definitely a marketing guru and can help you to market you business in ways besides just the internet. A great example is that our signage was just horrible. He pushed us and pushed us and said you've got to change your signage, you've go to get more signage. We are in a fairly busy area, but in a strip center. Easy for customers to just not see us.

I finally listened, got new signs and it worked wonders. Its amazing how many customer have walked into the store and said they have been driving by our store for five years and didn't know there was a bike store there. Lost business because of signage.

That is just one small thing he has done for our business. It was huge. Attention to detail. He pointed it out and he didn't let me slack on it. He kepet saying, "You have to do this." And he was right.

Lloyd Bumstead, 4th generation owner of Bumsteads Bicycles in Ontario CA. 102 years young.
A Google Places Expert! I've worked with a lot of marketing people over the years, the best are usually really good at one thing like SEO. Randy is in a class by himself, he is able to contextualize all aspects of marketing and is really good, probably the best, at Google Places, apparently Google thinks so too given his #1 ranking. I wish everyone I work with had the passion that Randy has for his work. I would encourage anyone who is serious about marketing to add Randy to your team. "Since working with Randy, my Google Places page rocks! Business has picked up, many clients are mentioning my reviews, and I am having to refer clients out to colleagues. I heartily recommend Randy to anyone serious about their Google Places marketing!"

-Jeff Mathias, West Des Moines Attorney
I have been acquainted with Randy Kirk since 1973 when I started buying lock systems from him for my bicycle store. My business dealings with Randy grew along with my business as I added new stores. Randy consistently demonstrated the highest level of integrity in his sales and distribution business. Moreover, it was his regular practice to offer all kinds of assistance above and beyond what anyone could expect from him. For example, Randy was quick to volunteer his help in a store relocation and merchandising. When were became overstocked with his product, he would notice it and be the first one to offer assistance in refinancing or disposing of it. It wasn't long before our management felt that Randy was part of our team rather than some, "salesman."

Along with Randy, I remained in the bicycle business until 2002. I was aware of his various new ventures and it was not surprising to see him invest the same high energy, full integrity, and creativity he invested in my business when he was just a young man in his twenties. In addition to being one of the most energetic people I have ever worked with, he brings a remarkable degree of optimism, resourcefulness, and originality to his marketing projects.

I am currently in the process of opening a new restaurant venture and I have already contracted with Randy to provide internet and other kinds of marketing services in the launch and during operations.

Alan Goldsmith - Founder of Bikecology and SuperGo ( Bikester Inc.)
Having worked with Randy for almost 30 years as his partner in several business enterprises, I can say without hesitation that his marketing skills know no bounds. During our years together he has created one successful product after another. In the course of developing these products he has created packaging, designed marketing plans, hired and fired sales people and/or reps, and produced the concepts for all forms of advertising to promote them.

Enthusiasm, optimism, and energy would be three attributes that most come to mind with Randy. But just under those would be creativity, reliability, and just plain easy to deal with. In the course of the years we worked together, we created the concepts for, designed, and in most cases, built the booths for over 200 trade shows. In one of those shows, we were so cutting edge that the trade show managers had to rewrite contracts for future shows to take into consideration the new direction we introduced (two story booth). In another show, we built an entire 400 square foot retail store on the show floor.

Randy and I built what turned out to be a $5m manufacturing business together, and he was responsible for all aspects of the manufacturing and administration effort, but his greatest skills lie in marketing. It is with great confidence that I would recommend him to any company who desires to increase sales and profits.

In the last year alone, in work he has done for Cal Springs, LLC, he has created a completely new bottle design, found an supplier whose additive to our plastic material has changed our entire marketing direction, and designed a strategy for another product that took us from zero to 50% market share in 6 months.

My understanding is that since opening his new marketing consulting business, he has in just 8 months almost reached capacity. You would do well to harness his talents ASAP, before the limited supply is sold out.

Terry Brown
Since hiring Randy Kirk to help us with the marketing for our four retail outlets in Orange County, he has injected a steady stream of inexpensive but powerful methods for driving traffic into our stores. Beginning with our web presence, Randy has taken us from being an also ran in even our most critical key words to having top of the page status in dozens of Google searches.

He has created 19 YouTube videos which now result in 150 viewings of those videos every day. Consumers are coming into the store talking about having seen our employees explaining the benefits of various products on those videos. We have now imbedded these videos on our website, giving us even greater credibility to the folks at Google.

My primary reason for bringing Randy on board was to do sales meetings for our staff. He has now done two of these meetings and created a follow up video so that managers can review the material with the sales team. These sales meetings have been huge successes in training and motivating our sales people to employ more professionalism, to close more sales, and to increase the amount of the average sales ticket.

I am happy to recommend Randy Kirk to any small business who could use more traffic or would like to sell more product or services to each client that visits. His enthusiasm is infectious, his creativity is boundless, and his knowledge of marketing is deep and on target.

Matt Ford
Rock N Road Cyclery in Orange County CA